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What is wet abrasive blasting? The benefits and application.

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Abrasive blasting is the operation of propelling abrasive material against a surface under direct pressure or negative pressure in order to achieve the following purposes:

  • Smoothing of a rough surface

  • Roughening of a smooth surface

  • Shaping of a surface

  • Removal of surface contaminants.

  • Enhance surface adhesion before painting and coating.

What is wet abrasive blasting? 

Wet abrasive blasting features the ability to blast media and water mixture to the product, reach the purpose of rust removing, cleaning, deburring and surface pretreatment. An innovative wet blasting machine use the slurry pump to agitate the mixture, by a flow of compressed air to raise the slurry via a siphoning action and then blast it to the specially designed gun nozzle

 wet blasting machine.png

Wet abrasive blasting is able to use very fine or light media to operate parts who requires high accuracy of the surface, such as medical implants and aircraft part, also applied to some decorated parts who needs dedicated surface.

With water’s lubricating and buffering actions between media and surface, the wet abrasive blasting has a variety of advantages, mainly including: decrease media breakdown rates, prevents dust and abrasive from sticking to the surface. eliminates the wear to the blasting cabinet and reduce maintenance cost. Coating or painting operations performed after wet blasting are much better than after dry blasting based on the level of cleanliness. What’s more, water and abrasive blasting decrease the friction heat to prevent color different on some special surfaces.

 surface finishing application.jpg

The most outstanding feature of wet blasting is improving the working space, the bringing of water reduces the dust leaving a clean working chamber and increasing the visibility.

Applications of Wet Abrasive Blasting

  • Deburring or deflashing without damage to substrates

  • Surface preparation for powder coating or wet painting, like wheels, aluminum.

  • Etch glass for decorative or functional purposes

  • Remove oxides or rust from surface for a bright, clean appearance, such as vehicle parts.

  • Clean contaminants of molds, castings, welding parts.

  • Hole cleaning for irregular-shaped products, like printed circuit boards

Benefits of Wet Sandblasting

  • Ultra-fine abrasive can be used, light glass beads and silicon carbide

  • Media impregnation into substrate is not possible by water

  • Deeply finishes of corner and concavities.

  • Dust control for a clear working cabinet

  • Closed cabinet provides media recycling

  • No heat warping and distortion with thin and sensitive parts

  • Final finish of delicate parts.

  • Provides an excellent pretreatment for painting, powder coating.

  • Provides an excellent surface for bonding

  • Holds tight tolerances for precise instruments.

 Kafan- professional manufacturer of blasting equipment

Devoted to world market for over 10 years, Kafan offer you factory-direct wet blasting equipment in good quality and competitive price. With professional sales and production team, we provide blasting equipment in a variety of specifications and styles based on customers' requirements. To pursue best performance, each machine body is steel plate welded with powder coated surface, durable, wear-resistant and long lifespan, and the main components are imported, by all of which we ensure 1 year warranty period for any quality problem.

Welcome to contact us for more details about wet blasting equipment!

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